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Early Data Show Potential for Investigational Bioengineered Vessel as Dialysis Graft

An investigational, man-made blood vessel used in vascular grafts for kidney dialysis patients may potentially show encouraging early results among study patients in Poland, according to preliminary data reported Wednesday by a researcher at Duke Medicine.

Unhealthiest Stroke Patients Are Less Likely to Get Optimal Care

Among thousands of hospital patients treated for a “mini stroke,” those who were at highest risk for suffering a full-blown ischemic attack were less likely to received optimal care, according to a study led by researchers at Duke Medicine.

Oral Drug May Improve Survival in Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer

An investigational prostate cancer treatment slows the disease’s progression and may increase survival, especially among men whose cancer has spread to the bones, according an analysis led by the Duke Cancer Institute.

Staying on Medication May Not Translate to Avoiding Readmission

A targeted effort to help high-risk heart failure patients stay on their medications did improve adherence to drug regimens, but had surprisingly little effect lowering hospital readmission rates, according to a study at Duke Medicine.

Rural and Southern Regions Lack Annual Training in CPR

Annual rates of CPR training in the United States are low and vary widely across the country, but the communities most in need of training are the least likely to be trained, according to a new study from the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Temporary Eye Center Entrance Opens November 18

Construction has begun on the new Duke Eye Center Clinical Building located in front of the current Duke Eye Center. For the past year, site work has been completed for utilities which, while inconvenient, still allowed for the main entrance to remain open. That will change on November 18, 2013 when the new temporary patient entrance and drop-off area will open.

Monkeys Use Minds to Move Two Virtual Arms

In a study led by Duke researchers, monkeys have learned to control the movement of both arms on an avatar using just their brain activity.

Three Duke system hospitals named top performers by accreditation agency

ll three hospitals in the Duke University Health System were recognized as top performers in the 2013 assessment by the Joint Commission, which accredits health organizations in the United States.

Women Benefit From Less-Used Wrist Access Site For Angioplasty

For women who are at high risk of blood loss, using an artery in the wrist may be better than the groin for routing a stent to the heart during coronary angioplasty, according to researchers at Duke Medicine.

HPV Strains Affecting African-American Women Differ from Vaccines

Two subtypes of human papillomavirus (HPV) prevented by vaccines are half as likely to be found in African-American women as in white women with precancerous cervical lesions, according to researchers at Duke Medicine.

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