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newman2.jpgPaul Newman is the executive director of both the Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) and the Duke Patient Revenue Management Organization (PRMO).

The PDC is the faculty practice plan associated with the Duke University School of Medicine and Health System. The PDC currently has over 920 physician members, approximately 1,200 employees, and produces over $300 million in net patient revenue. The practice is responsible for all ambulatory clinic operations, business office functions, managed care contracting, compliance, and physician compensation and benefits. The PDC is currently a for-profit professional limited liability company separate from Duke University, but linked through a contract. Newman has served in the capacity of executive director of this organization since September 1994. Prior to becoming the executive director, he was an assistant director responsible for operations, managed care negotiations, and information systems.

In 2001 Duke planned and implemented its Patient Revenue Management Organization, responsible for managing the full revenue process for the faculty practice, physician groups within its network, and hospitals. The PRMO is a separate limited liability company within the Duke University Health System. The organization employs over 1,100 employees and collects approximately $1.4 billion in net patient revenue. The PRMO consists of an integrated process across the hospital and clinics for patient access services, coding, appropriately integrated patient accounting functions, and dedicated support services in finance, information systems, third party relations, and human resource management. In March 2001 Newman was appointed as the executive director of the PRMO.

Newman is a former vice president for ambulatory care at Duke University Health System. In that position, he oversaw all outpatient services provided by the health system, whether in Duke physician clinics, freestanding ambulatory centers, or through the health system’s home care organization.

Newman received his BA degree from Duke University in 1983 and a master's degree in health administration from Duke in 1988.