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The Duke Translational Medicine Institute (DTMI) is Duke’s academic home for the clinical and translational research community. It is an integrated support structure that provides resources and training and facilitates collaborative research in clinical and translational research.

DTMI’s mission is to catalyze translation across the continuum of scientific discovery, clinical research, care delivery, and global health. DTMI facilitates team science by joining multidisciplinary investigators and industrial-model project management, while providing investigators easy access to emerging technologies and methodologies.

DTMI serves as the administrative liaison for the following entities.

  • The Duke Translational Research Institute (DTRI) fosters collaborations between "bench" scientists and clinical researchers to rapidly and effectively invent, develop, and test new drugs, diagnostics, and devices for human use.
  • The Duke Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) provides infrastructure support to sponsors and investigators who are testing new drug candidates and other cutting-edge therapies and seeking to identify and validate novel biomarkers.
  • The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) organizes and manages large-scale international clinical trials, disease registries and health outcome studies, from their conception to data analysis and publication of trial results.
  • The Duke Translational Nursing Institute (DTNI) improves patient care outcomes through the development and use of evidence in the delivery of care by facilitating knowledge development at point of care, evaluating the impact of innovative models of care, and advancing effective implementation of innovations.
  • The Duke Center for Community Research (DCCR) fosters engagement among community members, agencies, practices, and academicians in order to transform research and practice and demonstrably improve the health of the community.